Hold on, Let Me Cast-on One More Thing

I’ve been hit by Knitting ADD.

A month ago I started a Katniss vest for a friend. I stalled work a little because I didn’t want to sew on the braided decoration. So, I started my first pair of socks for my Husband then started working on the Brain Hat for the Science March. After finishing the cap for the brain hat and one sock, I wanted to reward myself with an easy little cowl. Well, once I started knitting it, I realized the stitch definition of the pattern wasn’t showing up well on the yarn I chose. So, I kept the pattern, switched the yarn, and saved the other yarn for a future project. I was half way through two projects and starting on a third when I took a stroll through the periodicals section of my local craft store and found some tank tops in the Summer 2017 edition of Knitscene. I had to cast-on IMMEDIATELY!

I still have a second sock to finish, yards upon yards of I-chord to knit for my brain hat, the cowl to finish, some extra braiding to attach to the vest, and now a tank top to create. (Yes, I have to create it because it’s my instant gratification project.) I briefly considered doing something with the rejected cowl yarn, then I came to my senses and called it a Frog on my Ravelry queue. Five WIPs are enough for me!




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