FINAL TALLY: 2016 Knitting Challenge

Over the last year I’ve been following the guidelines of a Knitting Challenge I found from The Knerdy Knitters. I must say, I’ve done well. I completed almost all of the tasks on the list, save for two: I did not knit something for a charity, nor did I finish a UFO that’s been on the needles longer than 6 months cuz I don’t have one of those. Okay, I have ONE of those but I don’t talk about it. It’s been in the UFO pile for over 10 years, where I’m sure it will remain until the end of time. I’m serious. I don’t think that thing’s going to get finished. But all in all, I completed 18 projects, which is slightly better than the 17 projects I completed during my first yarn fast. However, there were a lot more larger items made this time around.

Without further ado, I present my accomplishments for the 2016 Knitting Challenge




Mr. Starr’s Wedding Gift (Knit One Gift)

Mr. Robertson’s Scarf

The Husband Cowl (Knit One Item for a Man/Boy)


Hers Shawl (Knit one item for myself)

My Happy Pink Sweater (Make one fitted item, using a new technique)


Short-Sleeved and Sweet Sweater

Short-Sleeved and Sweet Sweater (Knit from yarn purchased (over) a year ago)



Dragonfly MKAL 2016: The Highlander’s Wife

Dragonfly MKAL 2016: The Highlander’s Wife (Participate in one Knit-a-long)



Loki Blanket

Loki Blanket (Knit something not worn, for a child)



The Great Red Coat

The Great Red Coat (Knit item from queue)


White Summer Sweater

Shaggy’s Girlfriend



Shaggy’s Hat

Daryl’s Beret



The Aviatrix

The Aviatrix (Use of a Personally Unusual Color, made from the demise of another UFO)



Rose Quartz Coat

Rose Quartz Coat (Modified, Intimidating)



Secret Santa 2016 (weekend project)

Secret Santa 2016: The Face Fortress



Though I didn’t finish all the items listed on the Knitting Challenge, it was still a great motivator. If I became stuck about what to do next, I always took a look at the list to see what I hadn’t done yet. It gave me the chance to face some of my fears, branch out and do something fun and interesting, something scary or complicated. This Challenge gave me the chance to be brave. I expanded some of my comfort limits to include large projects like coats, complicated projects involving color work, projects that challenged my mental fortitude by playing with size and gauge. It allowed me a chance to step back and admit to myself that I’m pretty darn good at what I do.


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