One More Test: The Aviatrix

I made another hat. Actually, I tested a hat…for the same designer I’ve been testing recently, Gabrielle Danskknit. I was earburned for an aviator hat in a DK weight yarn, which included sizes for the whole family. A previous version was released for worsted yarn, but more testers were needed for the new weight. I was in the mood to make a hat, I love aviator hats, and I have an almost sad amount of single skeins I need to use, so I signed up.

The pattern is really easy, and I only ran into a few typos which were already covered by another tester. Start by making all three flaps flat in garter, then join in the round continuing in garter, finishing with some stockinette at the top. It’s simple, classic, and a lot of fun. The major bummer is that I didn’t get gauge. I had swatched loose so I tightened up a bit, which was apparently too much. I had second guessed my tension because it was a technically recycled yarn. It had briefly started out as a striped envelope jacket, which was scrapped once I realized my color choices were horrific. It was a little kinked so I tightened up, especially around the corners of the magic loop. My hat ended up measuring closer to the next size down but it still fit my large dome, and the face opening wasn’t too close, either, so I just went with it. There is enough yarn left over to redo the part that’s in-the-round, but I might just keep it the way it is. However, I’m planning on giving it to a friend who would appreciate my styling of the hat a little more genuinely.

The moment I matched the pattern to the yarn I knew I wanted to pay homage to The Watchmen in the form of the bloody smiley face button. I hopped on trusty ol’ Etsy to grab myself a button that would work well for a smiley face. I found a shop that sold large buttons with slits instead of holes, which was perfect. All I had to do was paint it yellow, add a smile, and some blood. I made three yellow blanks to start. In case I ran into some artistic mishap, I could start again–which I did. It turns out, I am no good at matching curves on a smile. Like, it was a problem. It had been a while since I’d picked up my paints, and it showed. But, that’s not to say I didn’t rally. My brain made the gear shift and I turned out one pretty great button. A glossy topcoat later, I was ready to affix the button and debut The Aviatrix.

The hat is made with Madelinetosh DK in the color Cousteau. I bought it several years ago at a local LYS closing. Single skeins of anything thicker than sock yarn aren’t really my thing but it was so beautiful I had to have it. Since then I’d been trying to match it to any other color in the hopes of striping a garment which, clearly, did not work. It never really occurred to me to make a hat or something suitable for a single skein until this pattern came along. The yarn practically jumped at me, begging to be matched with the pattern. It couldn’t be denied: these two were meant to be together.


All in all, I’m happy with the outcome of the hat, even if it’s technically not right. My second son likes it a lot so I might have a chance to do it right the second time around, though I might take a break from testing for a bit. I have quite a lengthy queue to conquer, and a lot of the items require focus. Plus, the Holidays are coming up (in 10 weeks) and I have a few things I need to make for assorted parental units, so my time is pretty dedicated. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the other room knitting.


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