A Hat So Nice I Made It Twice

Upon finishing Shaggy’s Girlfriend, I came into possession of some mystery red tweed. It was light fingering weight and looked like it had been formerly something and frogged. I LOVED it. I knew immediately I wanted to turn it into a hat for my Husband and call it Shaggy’s Hat. I figured doubling up the yarn would give it a nice fingering weight feel, and I was pretty much right.

Starting it was easy. Finishing was the hard part. Yes, while the hat should have only taken a week max, it took around two. I had to stop for a week to observe my grandfather’s death. He had battled colon cancer for 18 months by the time he passed, though he let us know a few months ago that he was stopping treatment since he wasn’t getting better. My Husband and I packed the kids in the car again and made the trek up to SLC to observe the memorial and funeral.

It was a quick trip, and we had our difficulties, but I wouldn’t have missed bidding my grandfather a final farewell for anything.

Upon our return, we had all that fun stuff like work and school to jump back into, so the hat sat on the back burner for the week. Actually, the finishing was my biggest hurdle. For some reason, I couldn’t get motivated enough to finish the i-chord, tassels,  and pom-pom. I mean, for real! It was slightly embarrassing…then I started another hat and my Husband got a little insulted. I told him I’d have it finished by Sunday night. Sunday rolls around and I haven’t picked up his hat all weekend, but I was making fantastic progress on MY new hat. I was definitely in trouble and the only way to get out was to exercise my Knitflixing skills. I loaded up the Gilmore Girls and set out to accomplish my goal. Good thing it was a long weekend because I saw just a little too much of Monday for a regular work day’s comfort.

I have no regrets. The hat looks fantastic and I’m almost convinced everyone in my life needs one. The yarn, though, was very delicate. It’s definitely a scratchier wool than I’m used to using. It was a double-ply which didn’t to much since the yarn was very thin. There was definitely more than one break in the yarn I had to fix (including some breaks that occurred when I pulled too hard), but it’s a lot stronger with the double stranding than it would have been single. It was a good practice piece for the yarn. I’m sure if I had to work a much larger project, I’d be crying.  Who am I kidding? I’ll definitely be crying about it later when I face my fears by single-stranding it to make a shawl or something. Oh, there will be much terror in my future. Much self-inflicted terror sponsored by my favorite pastime. The challenge strengthens me, trust. But that is for another day in the future. As for now, I’ll just bask in the loveliness of my handiwork.



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