Shaggy’s Girlfriend

I’m not really a hat person. I try. Sometimes it works but most of the time my hair is a bit too unruly to allow a hat to be situated on top of it attractively. I use hats for warmth, so beanies and earflap caps are more my bag. There’s a part of me that thinks I’m too old for an earflap cap. Then there’s the part of me that does this:

I found the pattern through my love of Stephen West, actually. I heard about the Stephen and Steven Tour and thought if these two were friends, there was something about the other Steven that I had to discover. I bought the  Rockin’ Slouch by StevenBe because I fell in love with it immediately. I was sickeningly on trend. But, that was last year. I finally got around from liberating the pattern from my queue a few weeks ago and I was not disappointed. I liked it so much, I told my Husband he was going to get one, too!

The brim starts flat with a few large welts made by alternating strips of stockinette/reverse stockinette, with gradual decreases at the ends of the brim to create the ear flap. Then stitches are added and we start working a fisherman’s rib in the round. Now, this stitch is new to me and I had to look up a video so I could see EXACTLY what I was supposed to do. I looked up written instructions, too, but the video was just extra confirmation. I need the reassurance. After that, the pattern is cake: five (or so) inches of the fisherman’s rib followed by easy decreases, ribbin optional i-chord and some pom-pom action.

The yarn I used was Jitterbug by Colinette in the Bright Charcoal colorway. I had purchased it from a friend a few years ago, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Actually, I had plans for it but I couldn’t find both hanks I swore I had for the project I wanted to complete. Instead, I admitted defeat, chose a new yarn, and shelved Jitterbug until the perfect pattern came along. Enter the Rockin’ Slouch. Was it a little too young for me? I answered that question with one of my own: Do I care?

I’m totally in love with my new hat, Shaggy’s Girlfriend, which was named because it looks like a hat the girlfriend of the most notorious biped of Mystery Inc. might wear. Coincidently, my Husband was nicknamed Shaggy several years ago by some of his friends when he first grew out his hair and beard. However, I named the hat before I ever decided to make one for my Husband. That’s just a bonus.


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