The Loki Blanket

When my second son was a baby I knit him a blanket which had a green body with a purple border. We called it the Hulk blanket. He has loved it as long as he has been able to call it the Hulk blanket.

Last year, to be honest, he outgrew it. This year, it is painfully obvious he needs a new blanket as it, now, only reaches from his toes to his navel. I made it my mission to make his blanket my next project so he could find some peace.

Blanket Criteria:

  • made from cotton
  • double stranded yarn
  • lace
  • Center-out construction

I already had some Ultra Pima Cotton by Cascade Yarns in True Black and Olive in my stash and I thought it would be a great place to start for a blanket inspired by Loki, the super-villain of Avengers fame. If I could get my hands on the perfect yellow or gold, and a dark green, I’d be set. I started my internet search for more Ultra Pima Cotton over at where I fell desperately in love with the Gold colorway and hoped for a dark green. Luck was on my side and I purchased Gold and Forest, and some additional Olive and True Black.

I challenged myself to search Ravelry for new patterns only to finally decide on an old favorite, Undercover by Beata Jezek, which I used for the Matilda Blanket.

Double stranding the yarn was a no-brainer: it would speed things along, and I could get some kind of transitional mixing of yarns between color changes. A little swatching let me know that US 10 would be the circular needle I’d be attaching myself to for this project. I grabbed the longest one I could find and cast on.

Honestly, I had no concrete plan for the blanket in regards to the color changes–I wanted to keep it organic. I ended up making sure every solid colored portion is at least one full lace repeat, averaging 1.5 lace repeats.

Color changes were instigated based on gut feeling, and the very scientific Squeeze Test. It’s simple, really: pick up the leftover yarn ball and squeeze it. If I feel there’s enough to keep going for a few more rounds, I go for it. If I start to get anxious about running out of yarn, I stop. I weighed each ball before I changed the color and added the numbers to my Ravelry project notes for future use. This method was working well until I got to the end.

I was working on the black lace portion and I had to decide if I was going to go for two full lace repeats or an extra large border. I chose the second lace repeat to get the most out of the yarn. The seed stitch border is about an inch-and-a-half deep and took way more yarn that I thought I had to make the bind-off. I got to about half-way through before I  ran out of yarn. Never one to pass up a MacGyver moment, I ripped it back to the start of the row and added the last bit of the Gold to be the doubled strand with the black for the border. It adds a nice finishing touch, I think. And I still have some Gold leftover.

In total, I used almost a full hank of Gold, two hanks of Olive, three hanks of Forest, and five hanks of True Black.

The Loki Blanket was a complete success and I would love to make another. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to combine Loki with Hulk to make a Super Blanket. I’m sure this will take much more consideration and planning, which I’ll save for another day.


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