The Jar

This is The Jar.


The Jar contains reminders.

At the bottom left I have Pine, which I bought as an alternate for The Highlander’s Wife. Next to it is Daryl Dixon (from the Short-Sleeved and Sweet sweater) so I can keep track of the yarn for a future hat. The remnant Twig I used for the SSS sweater is chillin’ in the back for safekeeping. Then on the right there’s Red, who has a lot of promise that needs to be focused on the right project. Taking over the top part of The Jar are the colors I’ve pitted against each other for the Dreambird KAL. The big cake is Into the Whorl by Vice Yarns, a long transition gradient yarn. Atop is its counterpart, Lilac. Below the cake resides the runner-up, DuPage. Not really a loser, DuPage just didn’t bring the warmth I wanted from the shawl. Mixed in are random bits of knitting jetsam picked up from around the house, temporarily corralled in The Jar.

The Jar isn’t permanent; it’s a fluid space filled with sparks of interest, new purchases, color combinations, and possibility. It’s supposed to be a holding place for my next project, though it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s a safe place where I can try things out and meditate on a skein’s future. While it’s a prison for the yarn, it’s a creative gateway for me. I suggest everyone gets a Jar.




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