The Highlander’s Wife goes to Summer Camp

After I finished The Highlander’s Wife I didn’t know what to do with it. It’s a nice looking shawl but I kind of didn’t want it. I thought I might be able to rehome it with a friend but before I could ask who wanted it, I entered it in the Hand Knitted Clothing category of the Los Angeles County Fair.

I randomly saw a post on social media about the submissions deadline for the LA County Fair coming up soon. I read it and let it go, but it stayed with me. A few days later I looked up the competition entry form submission deadline and found out it was that very same day. I could feel the terror wash over my body as I knew I had a decision to make. If I was going to submit an entry form I’d have to do it immediately, and before I chickened out and convinced myself I’d “get the next one”. The entry fee was $2 per submission and could be done online. Solutions were outweighing excuses so I let my inner adult take over and sign me up.

I had conquered half the battle! I actually signed up for the competition! The other half is getting the shawl to the Fair. Their preferred method of dropping off the shawl is to go to the Fairground on Saturday, June 4 but I’m busy that day. I don’t have that kind of time. Instead, I’m opting for Door #2: mail it in. Postal submissions must be received by Friday, June 3 by 4pm. Did I do the responsible thing by mailing it in immediately? No. Am I going to wait until it’s too late/expensive to guarantee arrival by the due date? No.

I responsibly asked my Husband to “just pay the postage” for me during my lunch break a week before the due date. Actually, he offered to do it. He’s the best. I folded the shawl into a Ziploc bag and included my name, category, and description on a notecard before stuffing it in a bubble mailer. It’ll get there by Wednesday or Thursday. Now all I have to do is wait.

The Fair isn’t until September so my shawl will be spending the entire summer away from me. I feel like I’m sending it off to Summer Camp. Have fun little shawl! I love you and I think you’re beautiful! That’s why I’m sending you off to be judged by strangers with a bunch of other hand knit items! Because I think you’re the best! That, and the rules state it has to have been made within the last two years, and it doesn’t get more freshly pressed than this. Wish me and my shawl luck as I have just entered my first judged knitting competition.


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