Dragonfly MKAL Clue 5: The Highlander’s Wife

Clue 5’s early arrival revealed a repeat of the tartan pattern in the original color combination followed by a pleated rib in color B.

Clue 5

There are an enormous amount of stitches (303 to start) that need to be increased; but it’s not the worst thing in the world because there are only a few rows that require every single stitch to be worked. Most of the time, there are enough slipped stitches to make the rows fly quickly by. I have one little difference in my stitches, though: at the end of Section 6, I’m supposed to have 384 stitches but I ended up with 380. Everything still mathematically worked so I just went with it.

I’m not gonna lie: there were A LOT of hours put into this last section. Casual knitting during the weekend did not cut it. For several days I had to dedicate a few hours of knitting to this shawl. However, by this point, I had a great command on the tartan pattern, and those slipped stitches were the only thing that kept me from going completely batty, so I thank them. Then there was the pleated ruffle border.

The pleated ruffle border is just a short journey into the excruciating pain of increasing stitches at the end of my work. Like many ruffles, this is created by adding strategically placed increases. In this case, the increases are made in the (RS facing) purl section of the ruffle in the second and fifth rows of the six mandatory rows before bind-off. Instructions are given to make the ruffle as long as I’d like, yardage permitting (each row requires roughly 3 grams of yarn). I ended up with 21 grams of yarn leftover and could have easily made at least five more rows, more if I added a stripe of color A to the ruffle, too. But, I decided to keep my yardage and make the shawl as it was written.

This was my first pattern by Rachel Roden, and my first real, honest MKAL. Overall, this pattern was entertaining and easy to follow. The instructions for the slanted increases are a little confusing but not wrong; they just have to be followed exactly as written, no interpretation. Anyone familiar with slanted bar increases will be right at home, though. The stitch count was on par with my numbers but I must’ve funked up somewhere to be four stitches short ending Section 6. However, as long as the math works out, I won’t complain. My only comment is that the jogs on the braided sections are quite noticeable. But, at least on me, they occur at the front portion of my shoulder when I wear it so the jogs create a natural bend at the point where the arms would cross in front of my body, so it works out.

The jog at the braided cable edge creates a bend at my shoulder. It’s like a hug.

I’m not quite sure I’m keeping this shawl but I’m happy I made it. I might even make an attempt at participating in another MKAL. For now, it’s time to say Goodnight to The Highlander’s Wife.


The Highlander’s Wife

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