Dragonfly MKAL Clue 4

Clue 4 revealed…a braid in the alternate color. Second verse: same as the first, a little bit louder, a little more worse. Aaaand–

Oh no. I can feel it happening. I felt it happening last week but it’s really set in now. I’m slumping. Last week, I didn’t finish Clue 3 until the following Saturday when Clue 4 was released. Right now, I’m staring down the barrel of the weekend and I still have over 200 sts to attach to the new braid. But I don’t want to.

Look at all the stitches I have to attach.

I knew the slump would hit some time passed the halfway mark, and here it is. It looks a lot like me endlessly scrolling through Facebook or actively watching a TV program while my knitting stays nestled in my project bag. I’m too distracted. I need to focus. One more clue. I can do this.



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