Loki Blanket

After my second son was born I made him a blanket we lovingly call the Hulk blanket. It’s made out of some Handknit Cotton by Rowan. The body is a green basket weave with a purple seed stitch border. Since then he’s only gotten bigger. He should have gotten a bigger blanket last year but I put it off until, well, now.

He knew he wanted another superhero blanket but he wasn’t sure which one. Ironman, Captain America, and Spider-Man were all contenders, and easy because they were pretty much red with a buddy color or two. Then came Spider-man v. Symbiote Spider-Man, a paneled blanket representing the Avengers, something about Wolverine, and Red Hulk. We’ve been all over the place. He still had some figuring to do so I focused on something more tangible like a shawl my MIL asked me to make her.

I’d been looking around for some gradient yarn for my MIL’s future shawl when I came across the Loki colorway in Blurred Lines by Vice Yarns. It’s a light green that progressively darkens to black in long, muted color changes. I would have bought it but there was none left, and I’d need way more than one skein to make a blanket. The next best thing I could do was create my own gradient!

In my expansive stash I had some Ultra Pima Cotton by Cascade in olive green, and black. It was a good place to start but I needed more. Taking to the internet again, I found the colors I needed in plentiful quantities. I got more of the green and black I had in addition to gold for the center, and forest green for the final transition before black.

I won’t be able to start until after the MKAL is done, though, but I’m very excited. We both are. 


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