Dragonfly MKAL Clue 2

The Dragonfly MKAL took a turn. Literally. Clue 2 gave the shawl a knit-on braid with a bunch of loops on the free edge created through yarnovers. I think it’s brilliant. I had my doubts about the way the braid was joining on to the tartan of the shawl but looking at the finished product, I can’t say I’m mad. Normally, I’d prefer to ssk or k2tog tbl to get that singular knit stitch chain traveling along the join but I see the merit of leaving it k2tog. It leaves the join more open, matching the eventual rejoining of the yarnover loops on the free edge of the braid. One knitter played Spot the Difference by making two shawls with the diffrerent joins I’ve mentioned. They can be found in the Jimmy Beans Wool forum for Dragonfly MKAL/MCAL Pictures–Spoilers.

The join kind of looks like a zipper.

Now, making the braid, itself, was fun. I could see the pattern easily after the first repeat and it was just a matter of keeping track of the one worked RS row in between each cabled row. I should have the same amount of stitches on the outer edge of the braid as I have on the inner part. And, the braid is nice and soft in the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I’ve made a braid cable in cheaper, more acrylic yarn before, and it was boxy and stiff. This braid still feels plushy and like it might not be like a protruding spine in the middle of the shawl.

I eagerly anticipate the release of Clue 3 this weekend, though I must confess that I still haven’t seen the new season of Outlander. It’s only two episodes so it’s not like I’m completely in the dark, but I better get a move on before it becomes a binge-watching experience like most of season one was for me. But, I’m anticipating a stitch increase bonanza next so I might just save all three episodes for Sunday and get caught up with everything all at once. That sounds more reasonable.


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