Dragonfly MKAL Clue 1

I had a tardy start to the Dragonfly MKAL, which started last Saturday. I actually started and finished on Wednesday so it’s not like I’m totally lost. However, I have yet to watch the episode of Outlander.

Starting the project was kind of challenging. All I knew was it is going to be a shawl with some tartan-inspired colorwork. Reading over the instructions for the increase stitches confused me a little. I wasn’t quite understanding how the increases would work so I had to give it a few practice runs until I got it. I’ve done a lot of different increases but for some reason the way the instructions were written confused me a little bit. Endgame: I’m making a stitch under the bar between the stitches on either needle slanting either left or right accordingly. Once the tartan colorwork had been established, I was able to see what was going on and I could continue happily.

So far, I’m enjoying the pattern. My color choices look good together, and Clue 1 went quickly. I know it’ll only get more involved from here on since it is a shawl and those things exponentially increase regularly but I’m up for the challenge.


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