I can’t believe I joined a Mystery Knit-a-long

I’m not that great at Knit-a-longs. I joined a Mystery KAL several years ago through Craftsy and quit because I didn’t like the pattern when it was revealed. It turned out to be a “shawlette” and I don’t believe in shawlettes. I’m tall, it’s not my thing. I tried to join another KAL a few months ago but didn’t bother purchasing the pattern download. But, for some reason, joining the Dragonfly MKAL starting April 9 seemed like a good idea to me.

The Dragonfly MKAL (or MCAL for happy hookers the world over) was originally called the Outlander MXAL* since this whole thing is centered around the start of Outlander, Season 2 starting April 9 on Starz. Due to copyright issues, they had to change the title of the MXAL, but it’s cool because the Dragonfly references the title of the second book. For this particular project, I need to procure the pattern and two contrasting fingering weight yarns, one of which is suggested as Jamie’s Kilt, a Jimmy Beans Wool exclusive colorway from Lorna’s Laces, inspired by Outlander.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Jamie’s Kilt

It’s a mix of browns and blue/grey that make up the Fraser tartan, and it looks good. There’s even a slight light purple hue reminiscent of Scottish heather. Seriously, pretty. Kits were constructed at Jimmy Beans Wool with Jamie’s Kilt and a few assorted contrasting color options. I really liked the look of Douglas Fir, a muted teal color, with Jamie’s Kilt but I was too late: all the Douglas Fir was gone. A little web browsing later, I chose Waistcoat, a true teal, as my contrasting color.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in  Jamie’s Kilt and Waist Coat. Pairing for Dragonfly MKAL.

I couldn’t believe I bought the yarn, even after I got the e-mail confirmation and tracking number. AND I bought the pattern! Being a Mystery XAL, the pattern will be revealed in five sections over the course of a month. Each release date corresponds with the air date of the new Outlander episodes so crafting while viewing is kind of encouraged. Now all I have to do is actually participate. There’s the rub.

Pattern clues being dropped at regulated intervals is very intriguing, but might work against me since I can be a bit of a rabid knitter. To counteract any kind of slump I may hit, I plan on making a sweater coat at the same time. Yes, it is a planned WIP Multipass. I can’t guarantee I’ll be knitting in time with the releases and this will keep me busy in case I have extra speedy fingers. Plus, I’ll be getting a head start on my projects for next winter so everyone wins.


*For the uninitiated, this is an MKAL and MCAL for knitters and crocheters, respectively. To reference both, an X is placed instead of the particular craft: MXAL


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