The Husband Cowl

This cowl kind of came out of nowhere. I had promised to knit my Husband a sweater this year but I’m kind of afraid of the sweater he wants because it requires roughly 3,000 yards of fingering weight yarn. Yes, 3,000 yards. So I told him I’d compromise by making him accessories and I went out on a limb and suggested the So Faux Cowl by Amy Keefer. It was small, made out of fingering weight yarn, and its color combinations were endless. He liked it! He chose some Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Black Walnut and Yo Sailor Boy.


Black Walnut by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. Fingering weight.


Yo Sailor Boy by Claudia Hand Paints. Fingering weight.

To keep myself a little sane, I used a technique I learned from double knitting. Basically, both hands were working simultaneously. I kept the MC in my right hand and the CC in my left, and I used both Continental and English styles of knitting to make the cowl. Keeping the yarns separated like that helped keep them from twisting in the back, and made things go much quicker. I’m pretty sure I would have given up a lot earlier if I hadn’t done that.

The most difficult portion of the color work, for me, was remembering to pick up floats. I mostly remembered but there were a few little spots where I forgot.


Close-up of floats

It took me about two weeks to complete the cowl but I dumped this project in favor of making Mr. Robertson’s Scarf. I’m sure I would have finished much earlier if I hadn’t taken that detour. I have to admit that I originally wanted to reverse the MC and CC and I kind of thought my Husband’s choice was wrong. But I really like the way it turned out so he was right.


I hijacked the photo op.


Overall, I liked the project. The yarn was nice to work with because it didn’t split and it was nice and springy. The pattern was small and detailed but went quickly. I’d like to see what else Amy Keefer has to offer and I’m sure I’ll revisit this pattern many more times.



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