All my colors are orphans

I never realized how my colors don’t mix until this past weekend. My MIL had sent my husband a picture of a shawl she liked and said if I needed something to knit, I could knit that for her. What I had in front of me was the Dreambird KAL by Nadita Swings, which is a gorgeous shawl using contrasting colors to make it appear as if feathers are hanging off of your shoulders. Though I haven’t made the shawl, I was familiar with the design. I knew my vision for the shawl wouldn’t match any of the yarn I had but I had to look through my stash to see what I could find.


The Orphans

Of the mass of fingering weight yarns I have, I discovered none of them were meant to play together. I have some color options that ALMOST go together, some complimentary colors with conflicting fiber content, or they don’t see ply-to-ply, and other yarns with almost enough theoretical yardage to work but I can’t use because I can’t take that kind of risk. Not again. Then there are the perfect yarns that would never work since there is seriously not enough to make even the mini version. Bottom line: all my yarns are lone wolves–at least in this situation. And as much as I would love to keep my color options in-house, it looks like I’ll have to exercise my wallet and go find something in a shop.


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