January is for Accessories

I forgot how rewarding making accessories can be. I’ve already made a hat and a scarf for two different friends, and that was the first half of the month. I’m currently working on the So Faux Cowl by Amy Keefer for my Husband and it’s all kind of awesome.

Photo Credit: Knitscene/Harper Point

He chose Claudia Hand Painted yarn in Yo Sailor Boy and Black Walnut which are navy blue and a navy/brown variegation, respectively. The navy will be the background color with the variegated yarn serving as the spots.

And because I can’t sit still too long, I cast on for a shawl in a yarn I had leftover from a Stephen West shawl I made back in 2014. The shawl was supposed to be for me or my mom but my Husband liked it so much he claimed it as his own. Cool, man. Do your thang. But, I was left with quite a bit of leftover yarn. I had used Crystal Palace Yarns Taos in colorway 24, which I purchased as a 10-skein bagged deal from Craftsy. I picked the original Steven West shawl because I thought it would eat up a bunch of yarn, which it did–just not enough. Since then I’ve been casually looking for another shawl or something to make with the leftover yarn. I’m very happy I found the Monsoon Shawl by Angela Tong and I can’t wait until it’s all done.

Next on my list is a double knit cowl with an elephant motif for a longtime friend, and a blue and red striped scarf for my son in the middle. At some point, I’d like to make a few sweaters and a coat for myself but I’m having a lovely time with these small projects right now.


Cowl on top, Shawl on bottom




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