Working and Knitting in Vegas

Work sent me to Las Vegas last week. While I was looking forward to the training I wasn’t looking forward to being in the city by myself. To me, Vegas begs for a friend in order to have proper fun, so I had to make my own. I went to the yarn shop.

Las Vegas only has two yarn shops: Unwind Knitting and Sin City Knit Shop. I visited them both.

Unwind Knitting is located in Henderson, NV, just outside of Las Vegas. It was a small place with some nice yarn but not what I was looking for. I discovered I would be short on my yardage for baby Josephine’s blanket and thought I’d pop in to see if they had a complimentary color to the hot pink and purple dream I’ve been making. It turns out, the color is no longer made in that base. At that point I moved on to Plan B, and looked for the yarn base and other similar yarns but nothing made me cry, “YES!” Sorry, Unwind, you just didn’t have what I was looking for.

Plan B consists of me looking for a complimentary purple for the edges, hopefully, in the same yarn base as the rest of the blanket. To review: Baby Josephine’s blanket is being made with Baah Yarn in the La Jolla base and the Berry Cocktail colorway.

Moving on, I made a 10-ish minute drive to southern Las Vegas to a fabulous little shop called Sin City Knit Shop. I walked in and could tell the shop was arranged by weight. Heaven! I found the fingering weight yarn, and then the Baha La Jolla. I hoped against hope that I could find some Berry Cocktail but didn’t hold my breath. Good thing, too, because they didn’t have any. So, I moved on to the purples I could find. Then I looked at all the purples I could find in all the fingering land! I came up with something more charcoal with a slight purple dye spot on it.


Baah! Yarns, La Jolla base, Waimea colorway
This is what it really looks like.

It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but beggars can’t be choosers and it was close enough to achieve my idea of a fix. Funny thing: before I had entered any shops, I had pondered whether using dark purple/black would be too much for a baby blanket. Upon closer inspection, I have deemed it acceptable!

Unfortunately, I had looked a little too closely at some sport weight yarn that I thought was gorgeous. I didn’t buy it immediately, but, SPOILERS I eventually did. It’s by Delicious Yarns in the base Sweet Sport, colorway Cherry Fudge. I didn’t buy it then because I hadn’t decided to yet. I had only decided to get the one skein that might make up my yardage deficiency in the blanket, nothing else. Then I went to the hotel and thought about the yarn for a day and-a-half while cyberstalking the company to look for similar colors. Cherry: red. Cherries Jubilee: Red with a black splotch. Cherry Fudge: red with a brown splotch. Cherry Fudge, also, could not be found on the website meaning they’ve moved on from that color and have replaced with something more exciting like Cherries Jubilee! Did I even like Cherries Jubilee? Could I be happy waiting until I went home and had some real time to think? Could I just let it go? No. I liked the brown splotch better than the black one because the red/black color combination has been so done, I’m over it! Red with the brown, and nothing else! I went back on my last day during my lunch break and bought all eight skeins on display. I don’t even need all eight skeins but I took them because I knew it would be helpful in the future. The more sinister and honest reason I took all eight skeins: so no one else could have them. Fo’ real.


Delicious Yarn, Sweet Sport base, Cherry Fudge colorway
I bought so much stuff they gave me a free gauge guide. Pretty sweet. I’d visit Sin City Knits the next time I’m in Vegas.


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