Fixing Mistakes and Making Messes

Every morning I like to wake up and knit a little bit before starting my day. The lie I tell myself is that I’ll get a round in and then start yoga. The truth is that I usually spend the entire hour I set aside for yoga knitting. This morning was no exception. I had woken up and gathered my supplies for some early morning Knitflix when I realized my stitches were a little off. I picked down a line or two, then two more until the next thing I knew I had six loose lines of yarn that seemed to be getting exponentially larger. Confused, I set my mind to figuring out the problem before getting ready for work.

An hour passes, encompassing this mad quest to fix my mistake, before I realize that somewhere I had lost a stitch marker and this was the corner. I had thought it was the corner a few times before but for some reason didn’t investigate further. I felt a bit stupid but more annoyed because I had a missing stitch marker. Luckily, I had an extra one in my bag but I had run out of time to fix my mistake.


I figured out why this happened, too. Last night, I had realized the chart did this weird thing with the decreases in the beginning of rows 19-23. Everywhere else in the pattern the decreases always follow a k2tog, k, ssk–there is never a right-slanting decrease without a complimentary left-slanting decrease to form the leaf edges. But the beginning of rows 19-23 read k2tog, k, k2tog which breaks the previously established rule. I don’t like it. I don’t agree with it. I needed to change it, so I did. Whenever I got to the beginning stitches of the corner, I picked out the couple of stitches down the rows until I reached the first right-slanting decrease that should be left and I fixed it–about four rows down. Now, I can’t account for the missing stitch marker but I’ll blame that on falling asleep while trying to fix a mistake. Somewhere in my bleary-eyed shuffle I lost the marker which made me lose my mind a little this morning.

I won’t be so naïve to say I’ll never knit sleepy again, but I am wise enough to make sure I fix my mistakes and continue on a few stitches before laying my work and myself down to rest. Goodness, what a mess.


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