Knitting in Shondaland

I like to spend my spare time knitting and watching TV. I’ll plop myself down next to the kids and get in a few stitches while we watch cartoons and YouTube videos. Sometimes, I’ll grab my iPad and fire up Netflix and happily knit while wearing headphones as the kids take their turns being program line-up dictator. My Knitflix* habit kicks into high gear on the weekends; it keeps me company during those highly creative nights that keep me up way beyond the time everyone else has cried Pumpkin, or those pre-dawn wake-up calls that have been seared into my body after years of midnight feedings and early work schedules. Those early/late hours to myself are the ones I cherish the most because there’s nothing else more important I should be doing. I can Knitflix in peace. Lately, I’ve been Knitflixing with Grey’s Anatomy.

I love Grey’s Anatomy. It’s one of the few long-running shows I’ve managed to watch from start to present-day with very little interruption in the decade-plus that it’s been on-air. I am devoted to MerDer, I love Christina Yang, and I’m pleased to see the evolution of the Grey/Karev friendship and how it has changed most recently. I love this show.

At the conclusion of last year’s season I decided to embark on a Grey’s reboot. I loaded it up on Netflix and pretty exclusively watched it while I was knitting. Let me tell you, I must’ve done a lot of knitting because I’m just about finished with the reboot and season 12 has already started. It was great! It was therapeutic. It was just what I needed to help get through the summer slump.

Truth be told, I’ve been holding off watching the last few episodes of the show. I want to savor them. So, before finishing the eleventh season, I started a new-to-me Shondaland production Scandal. At first, I wasn’t phased by it. I thought it was good, the cast was GREAT, but the show hadn’t really pulled me in yet. I think I was about four or five episodes in before I realized that I was hooked: another one for Shonda. You go, girl.

I plan on finishing Grey’s just as soon as I can, and consuming Scandal whole. My sights are set on How to Get Away with Murder but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. My casual stroll through Shondaland is quickly becoming a desperate search for homesteading property. I can’t complain, though. I am a willing participant. I know that eventually, I will have to leave Shondaland on Netflix to find a new show or brand to keep me and my knitting company. Until then, I’ll be happily nestled in my Shondaland hide-y hole knitting an epic lace baby blanket.

*Knitflix, sadly, is not my term. My friend Jacob coined it in a Facebook comment. I let him know I’ll be using it, thanks 😀


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