Test Sweater Blues

Late August, I got an earburn on Ravelry about a test pattern opening up. I agreed to do the test, which was a woman’s oversized top-down cardigan with lace detail on the back using Aran weight yarn or similar. I was confident that would go quickly because I’d been working with fingering weight yarn for a while and moving to thicker yarn ALWAYS makes the project just fly by.

Fast-forward two weeks when I discoverd the Testing Pool forum on Ravelry and joined a test for a cowl due a week from then. And the sweater was due a week after that. Things got a little off track due to a little misunderstanding I had reading the instructions. By the time I fixed everything, I’d lost a week of work on the sweater instead of just a weekend, but I was still confident I could finish the sweater on time!

Actually, I was doing well. I had one sleeve and the body from the underarm to finish. I was speeding right along! Then about three or four rows away from the end I ran out of yarn. I rushed over to the local Michaels where I had originally purchased my sweater yarn to find–miraculously–the yarn in the same dye lot! A small victory.

I didn’t end up finishing the sweater that night because sleep got the best of me. I ended up waking up early the following morning and getting those last rows done. I weighed it before heading off to work so I could update my project page, then washed and blocked it when I came home at the end of the day with a promise to get the photos up over the weekend. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because my oldest and I fell ill with a 24-hour stomach flu that had him and I vomiting at the same time. I still haven’t taken pictures.

I did it to myself, really. I set myself up for sabotage when I agreed to take time off this test to work on another test. Actually, it started when I went out and bought 1.) acrylic yarn 2.) from Michael’s for this project. Let me address the points: 1.) I hate acrylic yarn. I have developed a psychological allergy to it and I had to stop myself from dry-heaving when I was browsing. Acrylic is only simulating the look and sometimes feel of real fiber but that plastic-y feeling always gives it away. If I’m knitting, I’m giving my time over to something for someone. I will not spend my luxurious hours handling a material that does not give me joy. 2.) I gave up buying yarn at Michael’s five years ago when I made my husband his first sweater vest and decided I could do better. I ran away to my LYS and never looked back–even when the LYS closed. Michael’s has a time and a place. In my opinion, yarn does not fit into that equation.

Despite my loathsome feelings towards the material, the sweater turned out nice. It’ll be a good evening or weekend sweater for someone but not for me. I really can’t bring myself to keep something that doesn’t bring me joy. It’ll be more appreciated by someone else. I’ll get the buttons sewn on and stick it in my Gifting Box. And I’ll get pictures. Must not forget the pictures.


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