Trolling Ravelry

Last week I had been casually clicking through Ravelry when I got a slightly evil thought: There must be an easier way to be a pattern tester. And there is.

Two years ago, I had been randomly contacted by a designer on Ravelry about testing a pattern she wanted to release. I never thought about it before and figured it was worth a shot. It was a very positive experience; one that made me think, I’d like to do this again. Not too long ago, I was contacted through Ravelry by another designer about testing a pattern. This time, it was a man’s sweater. I am always looking at menswear so I went for it. It was a pretty basic design with easy enough instructions but it just wasn’t my style of writing. I’ve been knitting too long to rely solely on row count for length. I. Need. Measurement. And I suggested as much.

I still haven’t gotten around to performing sweater surgery in order to get the length right.

Last month I got an earburn for a new pattern to test from the Menswear designer. This time, it was a ladies sweater. I’m glad to see she has taken my suggestion for length measurement but I’m still not a fan of the writing style. That made me wonder where Ravelry kept all their test knitters. A little trolling along and I found the forum for The Testing Pool which I think is fabulous.

Reading through the few informational pages they have, I discovered this is a self-governed forum with less rules and intervention than another testing forum. Awesome. I casually looked though some of the requests for knitting testers and found some things I’d like to do if I had the time and I wasn’t already swamped with projects. Then I looked a little too deep and next thing I knew, I had replied positively to a request for a cowl due in a week.

It was PERFECT! I could get it done over the weekend and still have enough time for the sweater due at the end of the month. And I could jam it in between working on Josephine’s Fichu. And the Jayne Blanket. And the Green Kerchief. And a hat I promised someone with no definite due date. I just signed on to do a project and I’m already behind.

Fast-forward to Sunday night when I realize I had not only k3tog when it was supposed to be p3tog, but I had also added to extra rounds in between each of those fancy p3tog rows. Welcome to Frog City, population: me.

All my plans were thrown in the garbage as I, now, had only the time I could afford around a very busy work ahead of me to finish a simple cowl. Typical. Just typical.

I finished and washed the cowl with pictures posted Saturday morning. Yes, I was a day late with my deadline. Totes my fault. I’ll file this under Notes for Next Time. Also, I mustn’t get too cocky. Or delusional. Got to be real, and realistic.

Lesson learned: I will not take on any more projects until I have at least three of my current WIP’s completed. I promise! (I hope)


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