Ms. Peachtree’s Legwarmers

A few weeks ago, a friend had posted on social media that she had just finished a batch of peach jam she made from her peach harvest. I asked if she would like to trade a jar of jam for a handknit item of her choosing. She chose legwarmers and the rest was up to me. Being the complex individual that I am, I immediately decided she would get a set of Spanish Moss Legwarmers by Courtney Kelley from the book November Knits. My original yarn choice would have been perfect but I wasn’t sure I had enough. Here’s the situation: I know it’s called Copper Penny from Madelinetosh but I’m not sure which yarn base it is. I looked online and decided it was one of the sock yarns which would have enough yardage to finish the project. So, I started. Then I remembered I had used some yarn for the border of a shawl. Unsure of the remaining yardage, I frogged.

Madelinetosh yarn in Copper Penny

But, I wasn’t at too much of a loss. I raided my stash and found some lovely self-striping sock yarn that would do the trick. Unfortunately, the lace pattern doesn’t really show up with the stripes, but I’m okay with that. It still gives a little texture and keeps things interesting.

I ended up finishing the legwarmers so that they are identical. It wasn’t something I had set out to do but I had a little luck on my side.

I found the pattern to be nice and repetitive, easily memorized–especially if you can see the pattern. The stripes made it a little difficult to glance down and reorient myself in my row count. I used about 376 yds. of Wisdom Yarns Marathon Sock. Instead of the 9 lace repeats, I did 11 so I could get the correct measurement. All in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome but disappointed it took almost three weeks to complete, though frogging helps explain the length a little.

On to the next project!


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