Swallowed by my Queue

In some really great action movies, there is a scene where the hero gets eaten by some large, ferocious monster. We’re given a minute to digest this as, presumably, the ferocious monster does, too. Then, without warning, the beast is blown to bits. From within. All is well, the hero saved the day! That’s pretty much how I feel about my current knitting queue, only I’m in the swallowing bit, not the exploding bit.

Though they are spaced, I feel like my friends are dropping babies like the beat! And, as far as my fingers are concerned, they kind of are. Sure, I’ve used my time poorly, choosing to do–well, anything, instead of a baby blanket, but what was I supposed to do while I was waiting for inspiration to strike? Nothing?! Sorry, not my style. These fingers have to be moving at all times! Unfortunately, I’ve fallen victim to the beauty of Anne Elliot’s Fichu combined with a Berry Cocktail colored fingering weight yarn from Baah Yarns. For a baby. I know. But, her name will be Josephine and a baby with a name that fabulous, and parents as awesome as hers, needs to have a blanket that matches. No regrets. I just have to start making it.

Finding the time to knit has been difficult. I could blame work or my wandering interests or my internal clock for shutting me off 17-18 hours after I wake up. It doesn’t even matter because I still haven’t done the work. And I will, but I need to finish a set of legwarmers for a trade I’ve arranged with a friend who made jam from her peach tree. I get a toast topper, she gets toasty legs. Win/win.

As it stands, I have to do one leg warmer, four baby blankets, some layettes (I’m sure), the Jayne Blanket, a Sweater Coat, the Husband Sweater 3000, and sweaters for the kids.

Call me in a few months when I’ve blasted the Ferocious Monster to bits and I’m washing it off my boots. Right now, I have to go play with some yarn.


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