One week to go…

I have one more week left in my yarn fast.


One more year without buying yarn or trading it. I’ve only made items, and even sent a few out.

I reread my post initiating this new year of Yarn Fasting and so far I have not met my goals. If I finish the two blankets I have on the needles, I’ll reach my goal of 12 projects for the year. However, there is no way I can finish those two blankets in one week. None. I’ll have to choose one and go with it. Although, in that post, I had mentioned the possibility of including the Steven West Shawl I made as part of the Fast. Well, I think that possibility is turning into a reality! Then the pressure to finish one blanket isn’t so bad.

I intend to keep my future purchases conservative. I would like to order some custom-dyed yarn from for a sweater coat, and buy 3,000 yards of fingering weight yarn for some sexy, sexy menswear. I don’t have that kind of yarn but I’m very excited to get it and make, probably, the most ambitious sweater I’ve ever made. I mean, that’s a lot of yardage to handle. But, it’ll have to wait until I’ve finished five baby blankets. Yup, five. Yeah, they kind of snuck up on me, but it’s okay. I got this.

I don’t expect a lot of things to change after the Fast, though. I’m still going to make as much stuff from my stash as I can, and I only have a few things planned for purchase. I suppose the worst part is the Yarn Fast ends just as my vacation begins. The temptation to take an extra empty carry-on bag is great. I could buy a nice sampling of yarn and shove it in the bag so I may admire it on the journey back home. Or I could just browse incessantly and decide on nothing. The good news is I don’t live near any yarn shops so it’s not like I can go out every week and buy new yarn. However, I get in the most trouble when I visit a shop because I don’t know the next time I can make it out to another yarn shop. It’s an epic battle. Maybe this time I’ll learn how to control my yarn purchases, said every yarn enthusiast ever. Seriously, though, I have high hopes and a ton of ideas. I might even break out the Evil Blanket.


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