And now we move on to the sewing portion…

I’m so happy to be sewing. I can’t express how happy I am.

The moment I finished the collar I felt a sense of relief run through me because all I had to do was sew. Yes, sewing strikes fear through the hearts of many but not me. I do not shy away from such things! I embrace them!!!

Many years ago, when I was a novice knitter, I knit a rather lumpy, hideous sweater and had no clue what I was doing or how to set in sleeves. The intention was good, but that thing should have never been released in the wild. I’m pretty sure I just hate the yarn but that’s another story. My experience with the first few set in sweater sleeves were rather disastrous. Problem 1: I wasn’t pinning the sleeve starting from the middle. Problem 2: I wasn’t blocking the garments before sewing them together.

I know: Cardinal sins.

About four years ago, I decided to take my head out of my ass and read up on why my projects looked terrible sewn up. A few books, Google searches, Craftsy blogs, and Youtube videos later I had decided to quit being afraid of blocking and sewing. I grabbed my supplies for steam blocking and I never looked back.

And here we are. I’m using dozens of pins to ease that shoulder in like a pro, after I steam blocked my sleeves and underarms.

I’m not claiming I don’t still have difficulty with my sewing. I am still human. Last night, in fact, I had to pull out an inch of sewing work because I didn’t like how the stitches were pulling. I, also, had to sit on the hard tile floor to keep myself awake long enough to accomplish my task. Netflixing Grey’s Anatomy while I did it was just for me. They sew, I sew, it works.

Hopefully, I will have one more sleeve set in tonight and then I can move on to pockets and side seams!

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