Baby Mattaius Blanket

Back in the fall, I was given a sack full of yarn by a dear friend who was having a baby. She said it was stuff from her mom, who had passed away several years ago. Would I mind making a baby blanket with as much as I can from the bag? Not at all. Some investigation of the bag revealed nothing but acrylic in pastels and one little blue crocheted square in the mix. Immediately, I knew this would be the center of a log cabin type of blanket. Now, I’ve never made a log cabin blanket before, but it’s just picking up stitches evenly and working for a certain amount of inches. Simple, right?

I decided on a palette that would compliment the blue square so I rummaged through my giant box of acrylic yarn and found some complimentary colors: white, green, multi pastel, more blue, yellow. The hardest part was going for skeins with enough yardage! Once that problem was solved I immediately started swatching to check my gauge to see how it would translate to the crocheted square.

I ended up needing 17 sts along the edge and decided to CO another 17, making a perfect rectangle. Picking up the edge stitches and CO another 17 stitches is pretty much my formula for making the blanket.

All stitches are picked up along the edge, but the first 12 form the rows of the rectangle. Those stitches are knit together with a “row” stitch, creating a corner, like in entrelac. I couldn’t leave each level of the blanket to be a boring old stockinette stitch so I searched for complimentary lace patterns to use on alternate levels.

 The last level of the blanket was knit in all the same color.  Simply put, I had a lot of the blue and contemporary masculinity is supported by the color blue. And I think it looks prettier. The final border is about two inches of this very soft furry stuff that I kind of felted in the dryer. I didn’t know! It was mystery yarn. Now, it’s a design feature.
I’m happy with my yarn choices and how it looks for a first attempt. Looking at it, as a whole, I’d have placed the colors on the second stockinette level differently, but it’s my right as an artist to find a way to improve for next time.
It’s been a long time since I’ve created something on my own. I’ve been following patterns for a while and found comfort in following directions. Finding myself creating something so simple as a log cabin-style blanket was a little daunting. I knew it was going to be a lot of work so I purposefully chose a style that would keep things interesting for me. Trust, I’ve been on the other side of a twin-sized seed stitch cotton blanket. A little stimulant can go a long way.
I started strong with the first set of rectangles done, quickly followed by the second. The third level was slow-going but the final set took FOR-EH-VER. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I made another sweater between the third and fourth levels. But, it’s made and delivered…six months later.
Next on my list of impossible things: 
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