I love you. I can’t stand you. It’s too hot for you.

My air conditioner was put out of commission a month ago. It wasn’t so bad. Actually, it was really nice for May. There hadn’t even been a day over 100, so it was pretty idyllic. Temps were fluctuating between 79 and 85, which is unheard of in the desert at this time of year. This week, the temperature started to normalize and it was 82-86 indoors, without a/c, with outside temps in the upper 90’s. Our new unit was installed Thursday, and finalized Friday and we all slept comfortably overnight.

Normally, I’d be knitting all this time, and I kind of did, but it was so friggin hot in my house, it just wasn’t going to happen too frequently.

My top priority was finishing the blanket for baby Mattaius, which I did. it’s a little late but I got it washed, and delivered, finally.

I’m still knitting the sleeve of good on’ Rusty Venture. I’ve FINALLY reached my goal of 17.75 in., and now I am shaping the cap!

I think I’m just not used to the straight lines of menswear. There’s more shaping in women’s wear, keeps things a bit more interesting. However, I must state: I LOVE menswear. I do, I really do. I have to clothe an entire house full of males, and I have a very definite view on the look and fit of the sweater that will have the honor of being made by my hands and publicly shown. But it’s so boring! Straight lines EVERYWHERE! keep up the good work for what seems like 30 years, then, very delicately, decrease. Cool. Great! Do I get a prize at the end, for keeping my inner Sherlock battle cry silent? BORED!

I love the yarn, I love the look. I do not love the blocks of monotonous patterning. I know the end result will be beautiful, stunning even. I just have to get there.


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