I Fell in Love with a Sweater

When I have the ability, the first thing I am going to buy is 6,000 yards of fingering weight yarn so I can make TWO of the Mount Robson Pullover. My husband is between chest sizes so I told him I’d make two sweaters so he can decide which fit he prefers. I will find someone to take the other one, I don’t even care. It’s so beautiful!!!!!!

Seriously, though, it is. I can’t even handle it. It’s everything menswear should be: clean, simple, timeless. And it looks like something you’d pay for in a store–but I can make it instead! That’s the dream: making something that looks good enough to be store-bought.

In case it was not clear: I heart menswear. I really do love it. However, for me it is a hard search for a really good looking sweater–don’t even get me started on boys options. I have three boys and my husband to sweater. I search through every single book and magazine I find for any kind of decent male pattern. I don’t end up with a lot of options because I’m rather picky about my boys/menswear, but the ones I have are superb. This will be a great addition to my collection and I can’t wait to get my fingers working on this! Twice!!!


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