Getting Itchy

Vogue Knitting Live is coming up this weekend. I’m going to be part of the Readers on the Runway show and that comes with a free pass to the Marketplace. This is bad, considering I have three more months on my self-imposed yarn fast and the Marketplace will be bursting with yarn.
I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to bring a fist full of cash and prepare to hand it all over or if I’m going to be good and simply LOOK at the stuff offered.

Not gonna lie, I’m leaning towards the fist full of cash.


Just thinking about being that close to yarns I love, and in such abundance, makes me act like an addict. I can’t seem to stay still when I think about going to Vogue Knitting Live and being in the Marketplace and coming home with nothing more than my issued badge and (hopefully) pictures. It goes against nature.

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