Oh, they are DEFINITELY two different colors!

Starting the right front of the Husband Sweater v 2.1 has been interesting. Upon balling the yarn and starting the panel I’m looking at the yarn unsure of whether or not this yarn does not match the rest. Is it, perhaps, a little lighter? Brighter? Less red, more brown and orange? Or is it playing tricks on me depending on the light? It almost looks the same but there’s enough difference to drive me completely insane!

It doesn’t matter, though. I have to frog the pocket because its stitch pattern is exactly inverted from what it needs to be to seamlessly continue the pattern.

It’s the struggle that makes us stronger, right?

You know what? I’m not even bothered by it. The panel can be done with a single ball of yarn. There will be no unfortunate color change…except the pocket inside but, honestly, who cares? It’s the inside of a pocket! It’s those darn sleeves that might muck up this whole operation!

On. To the sleeves!


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