Jayne Blanket

Friday evening I realized I left my project in my desk at work. Frantically, I scoured my Ravelry page for cardigans I could make for work. Searching through my stash, I came to this amazing orange yarn with accents of yellow and brown. It’s Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Tiger Lily. It’s amazing.

I had originally purchased it to make a blanket for my second son but my youngest fell in love with it so he has the honor of getting the blanket. 
I looked at the yarn and decided the best course of action was entrelac so I could see the colors clearer. 
I cast on 100 stitches to a US8 set of needles. Each square portion is 10 sts wide leaving me with 10 squares. I have eight hanks of yarn which gives me a little over 1700 yards. It kind of kills me not to make a sweater or coat out of it but he loves it so he gets it. I can always buy more yarn…in three and-a-half months.
So far, I like what I see.

My Husband said it looked like Jayne’s hat from Firefly. I don’t disagree.

Since the yarn has not dye lots there is a bit of variation on each skein. It looks like I was smart enough to make sure I got equal number of vibrant and duller skeins. I’m alternating each tier so the skeins blend better with each other. Right now I’m planning an i-cord border but I’m not married to the idea. Things could change by the time I’m finished.

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