Quickly, quickly!

Currently, I’m making the Husband Sweater v 2.1. I must say, it’s going a lot better this time. I think I finally found my happy place in the pattern, thank God. I don’t really care what it is or how it happened but I’ll take anything that lets me keep the hair on the sides of my head, and not in my hands. I have great hope the rest of the sweater will be a smoother ride.

I’ve finished that beast of a back and I’ve done pocket linings with a skein that is ever so slightly brighter than the rest of my yarn. Most likely, it will also become my collar and button band.

I doubt anyone else will notice once it’s all knit up. 
In other, more depressing news: I still have a baby blanket border to apply. The baby just turned four months. I don’t even want to talk about it. Obviously, I have to finish it, however, blankets become rather pointless when it’s 115 outside. I’m not going to disturb my run on good ol’ Rusty Venture (Husband Sweater v 2.1), here, though. I can’t. I’ll wait for another disagreement with the sweater or carve out time this weekend to make it happen.

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