The Chickenshit entered a contest

I entered a contest for Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena. It’s called Readers to Runway and it sounds pretty fun. Vogue Knitting readers have the opportunity to submit a piece that was made from a Vogue Knitting pattern. A judging panel picks out their favorites and it all eventually gets whittled down to 30 readers who will be gifted a Marketplace pass, in addition to walking the runway in their created piece. From there, the top five after the walk will get special prizes.

I don’t honestly think I could get picked to be in the show but my shining optimism keeps a smile of possibility on my face. It’s exactly the thing I don’t need to win. I mean, what am I gonna do with a pass to a Marketplace full of yarn I can’t buy? I don’t care. It’s fun to enter.

I think I’m most proud of the fact that I actually entered the contest instead of seeing it too late or thinking about it really hard but never doing anything about it. I can be a bit of an unreasonable chicken shit about things, and I tend to overthink. I almost let the fact that I didn’t have a decent picture of the sweater I chose. Almost. Cut to me in my office on Monday morning, selfie-ing the crap out of myself while not looking panicked, rushed, pained, annoyed, stupid in my sweater. Here’s my submission:

If I don’t hear anything within two weeks, I know the answer. As much as I’d like to go, I haven’t done anything about it except enter this contest and pick out classes I won’t take. I decided a family vacation to escape the desert heat in the summer would be better. I’d love to have both but that’s just not going to work this year. However! I promise myself that one day I will participate in these conventions even if it means keeping a large jar of money for that specific purpose! VK Live, Yarnosphere, Stitches West, you will be mine. One day, you will be mine. 


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