How Embarrassing!

I’ve been knitting The Husband Sweater v. 2.1 for quite a bit of time. I’m pretty sure it was at least a season ago, maybe two. I don’t hate it, I really don’t. It’s this beautiful burnt orange called Saffron in Madelinetosh DK. My Husband picked the yarn, himself, from Knit Culture Studio in LA. I bought roughly enough (1500 yds.) to make him a sweater then I left it alone for a while.

A year or so later, I finally cast on the sweater, however not for the original sweater pattern he had picked out. He tossed aside the turtleneck sweater in favor of a V-neck cardigan. Hooray!!! Then the patterning started to make me want to claw my eyes out because I had to do the same thing for 16in. No big deal but for some reason it just drove me up a wall. Fast forward a season and change, and I’m 12.5 inches deep and I can’t find the pattern book!

I’ve looked everywhere: the spare room where I keep most of my pattern books, the area next to the bed, nightstand, tan bag, pink bag, clear bag, zippered bag, embossed bag, car trunk, bookshelf, under the bed, computer area at home, behind the couch pillows, behind the chair pillows, under yesterday’s washed laundry…

Holy shit! I found it!…in my desk at work.

I, uh…I have no words. I’ll just be over here, looking sheepish.


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