Sock and Horror

Some times we get in relationships we know are wrong for us. There’s this little thought, in the back of our minds, that says, This is a bad idea. No good can result from this. Turn back now! But we go for it, anyhow.

This is how I started my first-ever pair of socks.

Something happened between measurement and cast-on because my Husband’s feet are not as large as what I started knitting.
Casting on, things looked a little large. Getting to the heel, things looked a little large. It wasn’t until after I had turned the heel and started on the foot portion of the sock did I have my Husband try it on to see how it fit. It didn’t. It was too big. Mother. Fucker.

Being only half a sock in, I didn’t see any shame in frogging the project and returning when I could devote the eye strength to knitting NAVY BLUE SOCKS and the mental toughness required to start the pattern again. I just don’t have it in me right now. These socks were supposed to be a distraction project! They’ve turned into a reminder that too many WIP’s can be a bad thing.

Socks: Frogged
Jareth Shawl: working
Husband Sweater v. 2.1: It’s hard to categorize it as “working” since it’s been at least a month since I touched it. Still on the needles. Waiting to be more than seven inches of awkward ribbing.

Going forward, I’m going to finish the Jareth shawl because I’m really close to the end. Then I’ll work on the Husband Sweater v. 2.1 for some sense of accomplishment because the yarn is worsted and won’t feel like punishment. After I’ve finished my other projects, I will return to the socks. I’m not looking forward to the Return of the Socks but I already agreed AND started them so the only responsible thing to do would be to carry on. Regroup! But later. Right now, I’m tired.


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