I started a new shawl project using a yarn from Pandia’s Jewels in the Glitz yarn base called Jareth, named after the character from The Labyrinth. I love it. It’s exquisite and I’ve had it for quite some time, but it remained unballed because I wanted the shawl to suit it just right. Then there was the yardage issue. I have roughly 876 yards of this fabulous yarn and my options were too many to scour my books, mags, etc. Um, this is where Ravelry comes in, dummy.

After I updated my pattern database on the magical Ravelry, I plugged in my yardage and yarn weight and looked at all 17 options pop up from my library. I mean, I have so many friggin patterns I should be able to find something, right?! As I suspected, a shawl would be my best, and probably most useful, option but it had to be perfect. I found exactly what I was looking for: something a little spider-webby and very Tim Burton-esque, intricate enough to be interesting, and lacy, to make the yardage stretch. It was perfect–and in my library!

In the time since my little shawl was started, I’ve managed to make it to the fourth of five 27-row repeats I have to do, excluding the border. It’s fantastic. I think I like shawls the most because they usually start with 6-9 stitches and expand every-other row to create a masterpiece of warmth, skill, and patience. It can go almost completely unnoticed or be the center of attention. One day I will be brave enough to buy enough yarn to make a large, intricate lace shawl/wrap/drapey thingie. It’ll be huge and magnificent! Until then, I have my Jareth.


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