What IS this?

I have knitting ADD right now. It’s coming on so hard I can’t think straight.

I started knitting my Husband a sweater MONTHS ago but I just can’t get into it. I’m not even that far! It’s shameful, really. I dumped the sweater in favor of the lacy shell top for myself–the one I thought was ugly until it was finally washed and blocked. Then I started a shawl and ONLY picked the sweater back up because I happened to leave my shawl project in my desk over the weekend. Horror. Shame. I have shamed myself. There are no excuses.

I bought the new Vogue Knitting magazine and Jane Austen Knits Fall/Winter 2014 and added both to my Ravelry library. Flipping through the Jane Austen Knits I came across a pair of socks I thought might intrigue my Husband. They’re called Mr. Bennet’s Leisure and I plan on making them out of Indigo Dragonfly’s TARDIS colorway. I mean, COME ON! That’s perfect! It’s a little bit of both of us stuffed in the shape of a pair of socks! He agreed. He even agreed to dumping the sweater in favor of the socks! I don’t blame him, though. He’s been asking for me to knit him socks FOR-EV-VER. Of course he’s going to say, “Yes, please,” when I pick out a pattern and yarn and say, “That. I’m going to make you that.”

This is where it starts to get a little sick.

I have both the shawl and sweater commingling with the newly balled yarn, newly purchased needles, and pattern magazines. None have been touched since our week has been jam-packed full of appointments and activities.

I know.

It’s not that I hate the sweater. I don’t! I think it’s beautiful. The pattern, however, is a little…The lace stuff keeps me interested. Lace repeats give me goals. I like goals. The sweater is a never-ending repeat of an elongated rib for 16 inches! Dude, I’d prefer knitting stockinette cuz, at least with that I can knit blindly while watching TV. This is just complicated enough that I can’t flow through it easily, without thought. The bright side is it’s worsted so it’ll go quick.

Wait a minute.

I’m a dumbass. I’m a dumbass AND a masochist!

I traded in a worsted project that made me twitch in my seat for MULTIPLE fingering weight projects. (Honestly, I couldn’t call them fingering projects. I am 12 years old. Tee-hee. Tee-hee-hee-hee. Tee-hee.) I have problems.

Obviously, I need to build in more time for knitting. For reals, though, because I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m collecting projects. I think to myself, Maybe this will be the perfect little project to get me a fix of a few secret stitches during the day. Maybe this one will hold my attention long enough to get finished. Maybe this one will make me happy!

Not knitting stresses me out.


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