I have this great fantasy that I will make it to Vogue Knitting Live or Stitches West. It remains a fantasy as I’ve had ZERO extra cash or time to facilitate a trip in the five years I’ve known about these conventions. Well, that’s not entirely true. Last year I blew half of my yearly yarn allowance (self-imposed since I can budget myself, thank you) on the Yarn Crawl LA and the other half on the Yarnover Truck and a local shop I didn’t get to visit during my one-day Yarn Crawl Extravaganza! The Yarn Crawl was a bit more attainable since VK Live was in the Bay Area last year.

Vogue Knitting Live is a bit more attainable this year since it will be in Pasadena. I’m figuring out a way to get to Pasadena and I’ve even picked out classes and a class package but I just can’t pull the trigger on this one. Part of the reason I want to go is for the yarn in the Marketplace and what’s the point if I’m still on a Yarn Fast until July? Plus, the Husband has a nerd convention of his own the same weekend as VK Live. In the name of Practical Fantasies, I’ve limited my class choices to Sunday. Still can’t pull the trigger. Ever the optimist, I think, maybe next year.


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