Time to Accessorize

Last week I took a look at my progress and realized I was severely lacking and I needed to get some FO’s! The only logical thing to do was make accessories. I grabbed some random balls of yarns I thought would make good, durable things for the boys. They got to pick out their colors for mittens, hats, and scarves just in case it snows nearby and we get to go play in it again. Or if there’s another Arctic Blast, we will be prepared.

I have two completed pairs of patternless mittens with one more set to go. I think I’ll move on to a set of fingerless gloves or long mittens for myself, and maybe a new pair of fingerless gloves for My Honey, as well. Truthfully, I’ll be remaking a pair of gloves I made for myself which were lost in Maine the very first time I wore them. It was a gorgeous Madelinetosh chunky wool in a deep purple/black/raspberry pink scheme. I loved them. Then I lost them with only one picture of them in progress. I was extremely sad but I figured it was a gift to someone who needed something warm and beautiful. Full disclosure: I had always planned on making the gloves again but in this irresistible baby alpaca that makes me want to burrow inside the skein.

Going forward, I have been aching to make a shawl out of this fabulous lightly glittered yarn from Pandia’s Jewels called Jareth, named after the character from the Labyrinth. Due to the grand nature of the yarn’s name, I can’t settle for just anything. I only have about 876 yds. of this fingering weight yarn which limits the project projects severely. AND I’d like to stay within the patterns I already have in my library. This week I went through and grabbed every knitting magazine I could find in my house and entered them in my Ravelry library so I could be sure my search was accurate. Luckily, I found something that matched what I had in mind. Win!

Inspiration is never far but time is fleeting. In the immortal words of The Doctor, “Bring me knitting!”


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