When the going gets tough, the FO’s pile up

October always seems to hit me like a ton of bricks. The Season starts, I work in it, soccer starts for the kids, things (big things) tend to break down around my house, and it’s quarterly payment time for those nice things like garbage pick-up and the alarm system. October hits pretty hard and sometimes I just want press pause and take some time alone to watch a movie in bed while eating a hamburger. The closest thing I can get is knitting and I am eternally thankful for it. It has become a stress reliever and I’m pretty sure I’d be a nut case if I didn’t have this creative outlet. Making beautiful things is my second favorite thing to do next to setting those beautiful things free so others may enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. It’s why I’m not even bothered by having to rip out 2 inches of accidental excess lace knit in mohair. The meticulous work that goes into both writing a clear pattern and executing it make me happy.

When I get stressed I tend to cast on a new project. Right now, I have three on the needles. I know, but it’s not like that. Only one of them is a stress project.

Current WIPs:

Log Cabin Baby Blanket (baby due in December)
Test Pattern for a man’s pullover
Lace Shell Top for m’self*

* Stress project

The Test Pattern came first. Then the Baby Blanket came along. I was trying to get the baby blanket done for the baby shower a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, I didn’t make it. I dumped that and started working on the Test Pattern because it kind of has a deadline. It’s knit raglan, in-the-round, and I’m adding a little cricket (the sport) inspired striping at the edges. Yes, all the yarn used is from my stash. In fact, this yarn is from when I taught my husband to knit. He bought this yarn to make a cricket style sweater vest. He cast it on, got through the stripes, then left it there for seven years. Politely, I kept it separate from my stash in case he decided to pick it up again. Going through my stash to make sure I had enough to make the sweater, I found myself needing more yarn. Ridiculous. Then I remembered his private stash and raided it. No prisoners. I think I asked him if I could have it as I was starting to put it on the swift. It’s all a kindness. And the Baby Blanket stuff was given to me by the mother-to-be from HER mother’s stash. A little of hers plus a little of mine equals the best kind of stash buster.

The yarn from the Stress Project came to me during the LA County Yarn Crawl 2014, part of the reason why I started m’new Fast. Bittersweet, really. Believe it or not, I was on a budget. I had as many stores to get through as I could in one day. I didn’t make purchases at EVERY store but I didn’t do a lot of skipping, either. It was still early in the day, maybe the second or third store location. It was a bit expensive and I was only willing to spend enough for three skeins totaling 900 yards opposed to a fourth skein making it a comfortable 1200 yard sweater. I’d make it work. When I found out I was getting a niece, truth be told, I wasn’t willing to give it up to her. For real. I like it too much to give it away. Looking through a vintage-inspired pattern book, I came up on a beautiful shell top that called for roughly 850 yards of yarn. Cue inner happy dance.

I have one more selfish pattern I want to do, beyond the lace shell. Of course, I’ll be working on something for the rest of the family at the same time. ‘Tis the season and all. I’ll be pretty happy if I can keep it to a mere two projects at once. Maybe just casual knitting? Or, at least, I’ll utilize better planning skills.


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