Suddenly Busy

I’m making a sweater for my dear, darling Logues. He’s been asking for a red sweater for a FULL YEAR.

Patient, he is.

He hasn’t lost his temper or even called me out for not keeping promises. He’s quite special. He’s five.

I didn’t knit the sweater because I knew exactly the kind of sweater I wanted to make him: a Grandpa sweater. Shawl collar, pockets, maybe a rolled cuff, and a nice dark brown button. This is my fantasy. The reality looks like I happened upon a Debbie Bliss magazine as a free gift for being one of the first 10 purchases during the Yarn Crawl LA last year. The total cost of yarn during Yarn Crawl LA resulted in the initial thought of Yarn Fast 2: Electric Boogaloo. The yarn I’m using is from the purchase I made on the Yarnover Truck that eventually resulted in enacting the fast.

Now, the original pattern is crazy with color work but I just liked the shape. And Ravelry doesn’t have the pattern in its database so there will be no reference point other than my word! MUAHAHAHAHA!


It’s been a quick knit and I’m happy with the result. The sleeves are going to be one of those things only the knitter would know is weird. It might be passed off as cool. Time will tell. It has to do with the decrease placement and design. Closer attention would have resulted in a more uniform look but those go in Notes For Next Time.

I still have to do the collar, sew, and attach buttons… and kind of finish one sleeve…

To top it all off, I’ve signed up to be a test knitter. It’s a self-described “quick” knit so it shouldn’t be too hard. The due date is a bit iffy since it was dated as Sept. 2 and given out after that. I’m pretty sure that 2 is missing a friend to the right. Or time travel might be involved. Either way, it’ll be fun!


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