Hello, Yarn Fast, my old friend…

I blew it.

I spent my ENTIRE yarn budget FOR THE YEAR in only three months. It started with the LA Yarn Crawl where I visited 11 shops in the one day I had to do it. We won’t get into numbers but let’s just say: that was half.

Then came June.

I found out the Yarnover Truck was going to be in Culver City at The Knitting Tree LA and there just happened to be a comic book shop down the street for Chris. Since it’s a bit of a drive to LA, we decided to make a day of it. We packed up all the kids and bounded off to get our nerd jollies while we could. Of course, we got lunch at Dinah’s while we were there. Because, why wouldn’t you?

Theoretically, it was great; practically, it was very expensive. There goes the other half of my budget. Boom: Yarn Fast Reboot. I almost made it four years.

However, there will be some revisions:
I will further again challenge myself to use nothing but the yarn I currently have in my stash for one year.
  • Buy no yarn. Duh.
  • Trade for materials when necessary (including notions) I was recently gifted interchangeable knitting needles. Lesson from last time: trading is fun but a waste of time. Just something else to occupy space. Plus, I think my stash grew since last time. Yikes!
  • At least one finished piece per month Done!
  • Must complete one item of clothing for each member of my household including the dog. The dog is dead.
  • Must complete Victor’s blanket and THE EVIL BLANKET. Let’s face it: That blanket is evil and I just can’t face that kind of disappointing freeform design right now. And Victor’s blanket was done last time. 
  • Nothing comes in. It only goes out.
Seems pretty simple, right? Last time I made 17 items in 12 months. Perhaps I can beat it, I don’t know. I’m not getting cocky. 

Right out of the gate, I’ve found some inspiration! There is a pattern in Vogue Knitting that would perfectly match with some mohair blend I bought 10 years ago in college!

Alchemy:Yarns of Transformation in PROMISE. Colorway: Platinum. Discontinued.
It was part of the purge when I started. It has officially been frogged and it is ready to be re-knit! The above picture is of its former self.
Currently, I am working on a Steven West KAL. Its inclusion in the Reboot is subjective.

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