For pleasure or for money?

Tales of a Project Traitor

I’ve be working on things for my own amusement and things on commission. I don’t necessarily count that as being a Project Traitor if it’s for money. But I’ve recently deliberately started a project for fun while finishing up a different project for fun. I haven’t done that in years. I could feel it creeping into my skin like some kind of chemical sickness that seeps into your skin from the air.
It’s been in the works for months. I’d find myself lost at the possibilities of stash busting and working on something with all those single skein nightmares I seem to have that will miraculously fit together into something beautiful. I’ve found it. And I, simply, cannot let it pass before I lost all my mojo!
…And I have to finish a Steven West shawl. Also stash busting as it’s being made with some yarn I bought in bulk from Craftsy. Stupid sale yarn. But, now, it has a home! And I have officially crossed to the dark side.


I’m not gonna lie. It felt good to cast on that awkward yellow yarn.


It was supposed to be a shawl with a leaf boarder but I came up one leaf short of an FO. But, now, it can finally be something pretty. It won’t be for me because I wouldn’t fit the size but I know someone out there would LOVE my blanket jacket. And then I’m going to make one for myself. See, it’s a problem!

Things are changing. That’s why I’m easily swayed by new things. I’ve got to keep myself busy and it’s too hot to constantly bake something. I’m changing jobs and things have gotten a bit real so I’m a bit restless.
See it coming. Embrace it when it’s here. Try not to go too nuts. Keep it classy. Let’s get it on!

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