The Husband Sweater

We, as knitters, know the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater. Once you make your boyfriend a sweater you’re going to break up. For whatever reason, it happens.

I have never made my husband a full sweater. Ever. I’ve made sweaters for others, including men, but I’ve never made a sweater for my husband. Not to say he doesn’t have anything. 
Things I’ve made for m’Husband:
Fingerless gloves
Doctor Who scarf
Interpretive Doctor Who scarf
Sweater vest
I finally gave in to making the sweater vest five years ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to making a sweater that wasn’t right. I compromises with a vest. 
I scour every book and magazine for patterns for males. I’m very picky. I have a high standard for my menswear because it can be quite ugly. I’ve passed up many books touting “great knits for men” because they weren’t, in my opinion, great. It’s nearly impossible to find something for boys 2-14. One year ago, we went yarn shopping in LA for my birthday. I made him pick out yarn. I had a few new patterns in a new book I that would have matched up. We couldn’t agree on anything. I didn’t want to rush anything or have him settle on anything so I never made it. The yarn remains in the original purchase bag. 
Over the summer, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the most amazing book I’ve ever read. Every single pattern is amazing. I love it. I had to make something from it. I scoured the book, compared it to my yarn stash, and grabbed a Cascade 220 Heathered grey that would give me enough to make a small sweater. I didn’t know who would receive it but I NEEDED  to make it. So, I did. As I was making it up, my Husband took a look over and quite admired it. He called dibs. What happened next could not have been predicted. 
I powered through the body: back and two front pieces. I started on a sleeve, put it down to work on a commissioned project, and promptly lost everything but the partial sleeve. Two months later, I decide to start the sweater sleeve in hopes of drawing out the hiding spot. It worked. It friggin worked. I found it in a duct tape bag, snuzzled with a cashmere sweater. Zip, sleeve one. Zip, sleeve two. Boom. 
I take a look at my yarn ball and know that tough decisions will have to be made. There will be enough to do the collar and the top button band. Beyond that, I’m screwed. I ended up being one row short of a full button band. Rough.
I knew there was a mystery skein of yarn I hadn’t seen that would reveal itself after I had picked another color for the bottom button band, sewn, washed, and blocked the sweater. You know what? I was right. Two hours after I had blocked the sweater, I went through my stash looking for a new project, and I found the lonely skein: perfect and pristine. Of course. 
At least I knew it was going to happen!
The sweater is not perfect. It was enthusiastically started, set aside, forgotten, discovered, improvised, and finished. It was kind of Frankensteined at the end but it looks good. Sexy, even. Just in time for the heat wave this weekend. But it’s done. I’m amazed. I can’t really believe I did it. I made a sweater for my Husband. Have I mentioned we’ve been together for 12 years? True story. And I never gave up. I always knew I would finish it, no matter what. 

I. Am. Awesome. 

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