‘Tis the Season

As a knitter, I am painfully aware of how many days it is until Christmas. I don’t need any cute little reminders that put things in disgusting little terms like “days”. It’s 42 days til Christmas? Congratulations. It looks like nothing except small projects from me from here on out! I might be able to squeeze in the odd large project but we’ll not hold our breath, here.

I prefer terms in weeks.

I have six weeks until Christmas to get my projects done. I can even let some of those slide into birthday territory. Six week is easy. Six weeks is a full adult sweater and some extras. Six weeks is a few SETS of gloves (fingerless or otherwise), some socks; it has the promise of hats, scarves, and cozies–for EVERYONE! Six weeks is a lovely amount of time that makes me happy. 42 days is like a crippling death sentence that cannot be escaped. Impending doom has a countdown in days, unavoidable circumstances are counted in days, the last days of ANYTHING are always drawn out and sad.

This is not Christmas.

Stressful? Sure. Busy? Definitely. A passed judgement, making all involved cry in terror and scream in a searing pain only brought on by cerebral strife? Not in my house. Well… Not anymore… I make pies. And sweaters. I knit. ALL. THE TIME. Do I knit to keep up with the Christmas rush? Sometimes. Lately, I’ve been knitting without purpose. I knit because I want to. I knit because I happen to have a yarn, yardage, gauge, and pattern match up. In my own personal stash! This is rare.

As I have to go on another Yarn Fast and have another Project Purge, I’ll be sure to keep busy for the next year or so, until my stash has dwindled significantly.

I’ve gotten quite comfortable with the one-skein project. I used to scoff at them for their simplistic nature. Now, I find myself swimming in a sea of exquisite single skeins, waiting to discover true beauty in a project. I still refuse to purchase a book dedicated to one-skein projects. I can’t stand the thought. I have enough magazines and books to make this work. There are enough combinations to make a whole mess of things work. I will not be bested by the yarn! I will persevere! I will WIN against this beautiful, soft, squishy, colorful, natural fiber darling that has taken over my bedroom. Right after I bury myself in all of it.

As for this Beast of Christmas, I got that under control. It’s time for Return of the WIP Multipass! I’ve already started. I’m making a baby set for a friend, a men’s sweater, and a hat. Men’s sweater because I had the yarn. Baby thing because I hadn’t started it yet. The hat? Because I needed to wind the yarn and it looked so different balled up it simply HAD to become this hat that is knit flat then SEWN together! …Yeah, that last project is, admittedly, when I had to give in to the Beast and start knitting the shit out of that yarn.

Consider Christmas, Challenged!


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