These are my confessions

In the last few months, my yarn stash has grown by leaps and bounds. I now have to admit that I just might have too much yarn. It’s hard to say, but true. And for reasons only a seasoned yarn enthusiast will understand. First off, there was a store closing. 75-80% off, depending on the week. And we’re not talking Red Heart. No, we’re talking Madelinetosh, Cascade, Plymouth, Prism. You know, the good stuff.

And it was beautiful. Second, a friend decided to sell her (also, luxury) yarn to make room in her house and help pay for her new business. I mean, how could I say no? I even got a book out of the deal! A book I happen to love, which is everything I was looking for in mens wear patterns. Fabulous.

This, of course, leads to today when I had to unearth tiny bags of excess yarn that won’t fit in any of the six under-bed canvas containers I have…

As I am a greedy old bastard, I refuse to host a yarn swap, 1. because that’s where I ALSO procure extra yarn and 2. because I just got half of this stuff! This leaves my only option: Make. More. Stuff. And it doesn’t really matter what I make as long as it’s something that makes me proud to release in the world. The days of allocating yarn to certain projects are gone. If the yardage works for the project I want to make, just go for it. These yarns I’ve matched up with future projects aren’t married! They’re just dating. So it’s okay to use it for a different project, entirely.

While I’m not sure my grand plan to “just knit” will go as swimmingly as planned, I will do my best to keep a steady stream of product flowing from my nimble fingers. I already finished Turtle’s annual sweater and I’m working on a man’s sweater. And I made a sweater previously from a pattern by a Maine author using yarn spun and dyed in Maine. I call it my Maine sweater and I am completely proud of it. It’s awesome.

And another sweater as a pattern tester… I’ve made a lot of sweaters, which I think is GREAT since sweaters take a lot of time and patience. They make smaller gauge patterns bearable and smaller sized projects are done in no time. But, it seems I may be in a sweater rut because that’s all I want to make right now. I hope I get out of it soon, though. I have a bunch of single skeins hanging around here and it’s gonna get ugly when I finally run out of my large project yarn.

I like to knit. I love to knit. It relaxes me. It makes me happy. The day I lose the ability to knit is the day I die. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to keep everything I make. To contradict Madonna, I’m NOT keeping my babies. Yes, it’s a lot of work but I do it gladly. Sometimes I make things with specific people in mind, other times I just want to test out a pattern or designer and I’ll make it with anything I have on hand that works. In any case, if I make something for you, you better take and pretend to like it when I give it to you.

I kid, I kid. You could hate it right in front of me but you’re still taking it.

I can’t have idle hands. If I’m not knitting, something is wrong. I get tense when I don’t have any kind of knitting with me. For real. I’ve been knitting for well over a decade straight and it is part of who I am. I am a knitter. With a severe yarn problem.

The entire reason I started this blog is because I had a severe yarn problem.

And I’m back at it, only with a much nicer selection of yarn. And more of it. So I have to go on a yarn fast again. Same game, different rules. I know I can crank out an adult sweater in a month, no problem. I don’t need to abide by the one-project-per-month minimum if I can keep a steady flow of items going. Easy-peasy. I should probably try to see if I can crank out more projects in this next year than I did the last time I did this. Admittedly, I am disappointed that it’s come to this again. I lost track a little and next thing I know I’m making cash only transactions for yarn that’s on a purely Want basis. 
This time around I can’t rely on eight of my friends becoming pregnant at the same time but I can still do the best I can for the children already existing in the world. There’s no better way to use 300-750 yds. of yarn than on a child. What I’m saying is let Yarn Fast ’13 BEGIN! And there will be a bunch of hand knit items sent out this Christmas to random recipients.

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