*to be said in the vain of the Beastie Boys

I was asked by my SIL to make a pair of bribery gloves since I’m taking her mom away from her in March. It’s the least I could do. As luck would have it, the next day I got an e-mail from my favorite LA yarn shop which included a pattern for fingerless gloves! It was kismet.

I started a pair of Thespian Gloves by Knit Culture Studio in LA. First, let me say that I LOVE this store. I’ve only been once and it had such an amazing impact on me, I kept up with it even after I moved out of the LA area. I drool at every back room, pre-season, post-season, inventory sale. I LOOOOOOVE the beautiful, luxury yarns they sell. I love love love this place. I LOVE IT! But the gloves… The gloves are lovely. Really, they are.

I was intimidated to start the gloves since they are knit with sock yarn on US 1 & 2 dpns. I haven’t worked on something so small…EVER. I knit a pair of gloves for Chris before but it was on something reasonable like a US 3 & 4 or something like that. So I was scared.

But I cast on and found out that it wasn’t so bad. In no time I was making the thumb gusset and then I was ready for the fingers! I get to the part where I start making the first finger, the pinkie…and there was no instruction on how many rounds are to be knit on the pinkie. All the other fingers have a round count but the pinkie was left out. In the cold. To die alone. Alone, Jerry. Alone.

What’s a knitter to do? I hopped on Ravelry, found the design and wrote a note! Until I get a response, I am at a standstill. *sigh* Just when I was on a roll. Internet, don’t fail me now!!!


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