It’s a frog, Batman

I started a sweater for Turtle with what I thought would be enough yarn. The three green skeins I had turned out to be two plus a very close matching interloper. Laaaaaaame. Being two sleeves and a collar away from the end, I just couldn’t frog it. So, I put it aside until I can either color match or rework it into some kind of letterman sweater.

And I started the whole thing all over again in a color I knew I had in abundance. The unfortunate part is that I hate this color. It’s a throwback from my early days when I thought Lion Brand Wool-ease was the shit. Admittedly, it has its place and it makes for a perfectly acceptable material for a child’s sweater. But I’ve been looking at this same color for 10 YEARS! TEN YEARS! I’m a little over it.

And I still have four skeins of the stuff left.

So, the Christmas present I started early enough is turning out to be a race to finish before winter is over.

Challenge: Accepted.

Meanwhile, to get my mind off the sadness of having to start over, I made a pink shawl. It’s a little short because I only had two skeins and needed, perhaps, half a skein more. But that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. No. Rather, I’m quite pleased I was able to get as much done as I did.

It was a quick project from Jane Austen Knits Summer 2012 made in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the color Fragrant. I fell in love with it at the same time I fell in love with the Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky in Black Currant. Do we remember this little gem?
I’ll admit that Madelinetosh is now one of my favorite yarns. Yes, it’s a bit expensive but there’s a reason: it’s superior in color and feel to a lot of yarns out there. Some have the color, some have the feel but to have both is something rare, indeed. 
For me, buying variegated yarn is a challenge. Based on past experience, I was comfortable saying, “I hate variegated yarn.” I thought there was no place for it in my heart. But the way the color is layered and how it doesn’t look like a chunk of color stuck in the middle of other chunks of color really makes me happy. I can’t stand the color chunking in a line of variegated yarn. It drives me up a wall. This actually looks like a well thought out meshing of colors when it’s knit up and I appreciate and applaud the effort. And it’s only available in LYS’s, another reason why I exclusively shop for new yarn in a LYS. SUCK IT, MICHAEL’S (at least as far as yarn is concerned)!
The knitting is taking a back seat to life and I can usually find time to get some work done in my spare time at work and at night, if I’m lucky. My queue is growing faster than I can knit and I may have a few projects that will have to made in preparation for next year. 
Good thing I’m a year-round knitter.

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