Holy shit, I found it.


I went ahead and surprised myself by finding my previous blog that included the projects I wanted to make. The surprising thing is that I already made some of them!!! The sad part is that some of them have carried over into my new list.
Cowl for my sister, The Bear
bears for the boys
striped sweater
Twinkle Twinkle Little Socks
grocery bags
lace shawl
alternate shawl
cardigan for Logues
large blanket for Turtle
blanket for the New Little One
swatch blanket
Blue Vegetables
something I promised to four recipients
something else for Luke
something for Sarah
mini fuzzy Christmas trees
Bullseye the horse  I bought the doll, problem solved
Baby swaddler
Bear’s cowl
Sweater for myself
Socks for myself (because there isn’t anything more comforting than curling up in a pair of hand knit socks and a hand knit sweater.)
Turtle’s sweater
socks for the boys
Amelia hat
something for Rye Guy
blanket for Rye Guy
fuzzy Christmas tree
Door handle covers (for work)
At least there are a couple of duplicates that I can combine like college credits so it’s not SOOOO scary. Also, I have no idea what some of these are. Whatever. I’ll figure it out.

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